Our Firm

It all started with an idea amongst friends. Why do other interior designers consistently make each and every house they design look the same. Was it laziness? Was it that they were glued to a specific style? None of us could figure it out. The one thing we all had in common is that we ultimately ended up designing our own places after seeing what the industry experts proposed to us. We didn’t want our home looking like our neighbors. We didn’t want our idea copied from a magazine ad they saw and chose to copy. We didn’t want someone who watched HGTV and felt they would also be good at designing and flipping. What we needed, well….. was us. Most of our designs came from collaboration and running ideas by each other. That is when one of us proposed starting a design agency and giving people outside the box designs that are made specific for them and not from leftovers we had from a previous job. Welcome to Relevant Interior Design. If you want your design to be relevant for your layout and not designed around some fad, we might be a perfect match for each other.